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The Quilt

CFUW Scarborough Heritage Minute

September 2022

Ruth Wolff

In May 1976, Dean Olsen reported to the Executive that the craft group was considering making a quilt to be raffled with the proceeds going to the Scholarship Fund.  The quilt group set about choosing the style, design and colours. By the fall, the group had made good progress and had decided to make a pieced quilt in autumn colours. They then learned that a permit was required. By January 1977, Dean had obtained the licence application and completed the application process. The group set the ticket price at $1.00 each and 3 tickets for $2.00. They decided that the first $500 raised would be donated to the Scholarship Fund and anything over that would be given to the General Operating Fund of the Club. 


In February 1977, Dean announced to the membership that the quilt was being made by the quilt group and asked members to assist by selling raffle tickets. The membership stepped up and sold to tickets to family and friends. Any unsold tickets and all of the stubs were returned and the draw for the quilt was made at the April meeting. President Muriel Cluett drew the winning ticket and presented the quilt to Treasurer, Mollie Elliot. Muriel thanked Dean for organizing the quilt project and member Mary Fischer whose home was used for the quilt making.

The Club had sold 1046 tickets and they raised $749. After expenses were paid, a donation of $600 was made to the Scholarship Fund and $85.33 to the Club. 


The craft group so enjoyed the experience of working on the project that the members decided to spend another year at the craft, learning the finer points of quilting and investigating new patterns, designs and techniques. 

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