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University of Toronto Scarborough

Entrance Scholarships

Two entrance scholarships of $2000 each are awarded annually, based on the CFUW Scarborough Club criteria, and administered by UTSC, Office of the Registrar.

University of Toronto Scarborough

In- Course Scholarships

Two in-course scholarships of $2000 each are awarded annually to students enrolled in a Health Sciences courses or courses relevant to the Club criteria supportive of women’s and children’s issues.

CFUW members may donate to our CFUW Scarborough Award Fund at UTSC by clicking the button below.

The scholarships are supported by the income generated by the CFUW Scarborough UTSC Endowment Fund and administered by the UTSC Office of the Registrar.

To learn more about how you make a gift and support U of T Scarborough College students e-mail

Centennial College

Annual Awards

Two CFUW Awards of $1000 each are presented annually in the first semester in the Fall. The courses are supportive of women’s and children’s needs. The Awards are administered by the College.

Scarborough Women's Centre

CFUW Scarborough supports seminars and programs presented at the Scarborough Women’s Centre with an annual donation of $1000.

Both the Centennial Awards and the SWC donation are supported by various Club fund raising events.

To learn more about how you can make a gift and support Centennial students e-mail

The CFUW National Charitable Trust

The Trust provides funds for a range of post-graduate awards and fellowships to women. The Trust raises money and administers the funds and is supported by CFUW members.

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